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About Us

At TRQ, we are committed to offering the highest quality, direct-fit aftermarket auto parts at affordable prices. As your car’s parts wear out, replacing them with quality parts is crucial to maintaining your vehicle. TRQ auto parts are manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities, using the highest quality materials, and rigorously tested to ensure ultimate reliability and direct fit for your car or truck.

In addition to offering high quality parts your customers need, we also provide how-to auto repair and diagnostic videos. Our videos walk your customers through their own repairs and help them figure out any automotive issues they may be experiencing.


From design to materials, nothing is overlooked in TRQ’s commitment to engineering reliable auto parts. We source only the highest quality materials to ensure the longevity of our parts.

Direct-Fit Replacement

TRQ parts are direct-fit replacements. They are designed to fit and function like the original parts. This ensures easy installation and correct function.

Rigorously Tested

We test our parts to meet or exceed the original equipment manufacturer’s standards. Our parts will function as well as or better than your originals. That is why we confidently back our parts with some of the longest warranties in the automotive industry.

Direct Fulfillment

Get TRQ parts to your customers fast without having to store or ship the parts. TRQ does that for you with our direct fulfillment program.

We ship parts directly to your customers the same day an order is placed.