About Us

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At TRQ Auto Parts we are committed to offering DIY and professional auto repair technicians the highest quality, direct-fit aftermarket parts at affordable prices. For the trusted auto parts retailer, we provide a turn-key solution for product selection, fulfillment, and technological innovations that enhance the customer experience. Specializing in e-commerce and virtual inventory, our fulfillment network is designed to give partners access to over 80,000 SKUs, same-day shipping, and custom integration solutions to scale for unlimited growth and demand.

Virtual Inventory and Fulfillment

The TRQ virtual inventory program offers best-in-class ship speed and accuracy because we carry over $50M in inventory in four strategically located warehouses. With stock updates every 15 minutes, same-day shipping, and two-day delivery to the continental United States, we are, hands down, the industry leader in auto part fulfillment.

Industry Leading Kitted Solutions

TRQ is the #1 supplier of kitted solutions in the industry because we understand how important it is to do the whole job right, the first time. TRQ pre-packaged kits are designed to include commonly repaired products in a single bundle, allowing customers to perform the complete repair with a single product lookup.

Custom Technological Solutions

The TRQ development team stands ready to design solutions to solve any automotive supply chain challenge. Whether it’s building custom order processing integrations, automating returns, or making our ACES and PIES feeds machine-readable, our software engineers are dedicated to providing seamless data flow so partners are focused on growth, not paperwork.

Value Added Installation Videos

At TRQ, we speak the language of auto parts replacement because we are automotive technicians and DIY-ers and we put that experience to use by producing hundreds of YouTube instructional videos. By showing exactly how each part is installed, return rates are decreased and customer satisfaction grows exponentially.